Orange nails Classic Manicure
Our Classic Manicure is a therapeutic manicure designed to totally pamper your hands. After your nails have been shaped, your hands are enclosed in thermal mitts to soak and exfoliate the skin around the cuticles. An application of a gentle exfoliate containing natural sea salts removes surface non-living cells. A hand and arm massage with lightly scented lotions follows exfoliation, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Finish with your choice of nail color.
  Classic Manicure    $13
  Add-on French Manicure    $5


black and white nails

Aromatherapy Spa Manicure
This is the same as our Classic Manicure, but with the addition of a warm paraffin wax with a sweet peach scent mold over your hands to loosen muscles, joints, and to soften your skin.
  Aromatherapy Spa Manicure    $20




Nail Enhancements
At Amy Nails 2 Salon, we use only the best professional products to pamper your hands and nails. Nail Enhancements fill-in for gels and acrylics are needed every two weeks. Our enhancements are guaranteed for that two-week period.


Gel Nail Enhancements
Gel nails are flexible and do not turn yellow like acrylic nails, and can be applied over your natural nails or nail tips. Gel nails are cured under a UV light. This service is odor-free and most practical for those whose hands are often in water. Choices of natural-colored gel or an add-on French manicure give your hands a beautiful look of Pink & White.
  Full Set    $35
  Fill-in      $25
  Add-on French Manicure    $5


pink nails Acrylic Nail Enhancements
The best Acrylic system is used over your natural nails, nail tips or sculpted nails. Acrylic nails are the strongest and clearest. You may choose from natural-colored acrylic or nail color.
  Full Set    $28
  Fill-in      $18
  Add-on French Manicure    $5


Pink & White Gel Nails
Unlike other inexpensive Pink & White products that normally turn dull or yellow in a few days, our Pink & White product comes from a product where high-performance powder and intense color and liquid are combined. Using our Pink & White, your nails will have long-lasting toughness and be brighter longer. This can be applied over your natural nails or nail tips.
  Full Set    $45
  Fill-in      $35


solar nailsSolar Nails Enhancement
The best of the Creative Nail Product System is applied to your natural nails or tips. Solar Nails are extremely high-quality and do not turn yellow. They are great for all seasons. Your choice of natural-colored, nail color, or permanent Pink & White.
  Full Set    $40
  Fill-in      $25